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The Magic Ring (also known as magic circle) is a technique used to begin crocheting in a round by crocheting over an adjustable loop, then pulling the loop tight.  


When I first started crochet, I used the Chain 2 method when crocheting a starting ring.  In this method you add a series of crochet stitches into the second chain from your hook, which leaves a small visible hole.  A small hole in which your stuffing will show through in an amigurumi project.  The Magic Ring method will completely eliminate this hole in the center of your round.  Take a look at the difference in the photos below:


 Chain 2 Method


 Magic Ring Method

PLEASE NOTE: In the tutorial below, I have detailed the Magic Ring using a double crochet instead of a single crochet as this is used in all of my Skittle Doll patterns.   The same technique applies for any crochet stitch.

Step 1: Lay your yarn across your non-dominant hand with the working side of the yarn at the top as shown. 

Step 2: Wrap yarn once around two fingers - make sure that it crosses over with the working yarn on the left as shown.

Step 3: Turn your hand inward so you can see the tops of your fingers. With your crochet hook, pass under the front loop and grab the other loop.

Step 4: Bring up a loop and carefully slide your fingers out of the ring.

Step 5: Make a chain of 1 to secure the ring.  This does not count as the first stitch.

Step 6: To work the first stitch into the centre of the ring, yarn over your hook then insert the hook into the centre, being sure that both ring and yarn tail are incorporated, bring up a loop and complete the crochet stitch as usual. Continue along as per the patterns instructions.

Step 7: Once you have finished the last crochet stitch, gently pull the yarn tail to close the ring. Note: Do not join the round with a slip stitch (amigurumi rounds are worked in spirals); simply continue on with the next round as per the pattern instructions. Be sure to mark the starting stitch with a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.


I have read that some people find this technique difficult, but I promise you, it may take a little practice, but once you get the hang of the Magic Ring, much like the The Invisible Decrease, you will never look back! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy crocheting! 

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