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When you finish an amigurumi piece, you might be instructed to close off the remaining stitches.  This tutorial will show you how:

After fastening off, cut the yarn leaving at least a 10cm tail and draw the yarn tail through the final loop completely. 

Step 1: Thread the yarn onto a tapestry needle. Working in the same direction as you crochet, insert your needle under the front loop only (from outside to inside) of each stitch around to begin gathering the stitches.

Step 2: Gently draw the yarn tight to close the centre hole completely

Step 3: You may find you have a small bump left on the outside.  To get rid of this bump, insert your needle through the centre of the ring you have just created, pulling the yarn through your crocheted piece, out the other side.  The bump will disappear, leaving a nice smooth finish.

Step 4: Finally, weave in the end and cut the yarn tail close to the surface, the cut end will retract back inside the crocheted piece.

And that's how you achieve a nice clean finish to your amigurumi ball, that looks just the same as the Magic Ring at the beginning!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crocheting.

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