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Here are some question that I get asked a lot.  If what you are seeking more information about is not covered below, or if you still have a query, please email me or post a message to my Facebook or Instagram.

Do your patterns use US or UK crochet terms?

All Theodore and Rose patterns are written in standard US terms unless otherwise stated. 

What language are your patterns written in?

All Theodore and Rose patterns are written in English.

I really want to learn amigurumi!  Where should I start?

First you may want to check my Tips & Tutorials for many helpful hints about amigurumi. Also you can find plenty of information on the internet about crochet techniques, stitches, yarn, hook sizes etc. There are many free resources on-line that can really help you out.  YouTube is a great resource for visual learners!

What crochet hooks do you use?

I love to use Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks and Addi Colour crochet hooks.

What yarn do you use for amigurumi?

My favourite yarn to work with is cotton.  You can read all about it HERE.


Where do you buy your yarn?

purchase a good bulk of my yarn from Yarns For All I also love Wool Warehouse and Bendigo Woollen Mills.

I have a question about one of your patterns.  How can I get in touch with you?

If this information is not what you are looking for and you have a specific question about my pattern, you may always contact me at If you do, please consider that I do not speak any other languages than English, therefore I can give customer support only in this language.  Thank you.

Can I sell items that I make from your patterns?

Yes, absolutely!  However, I do ask that you adhere to the terms outlined below;

•    The items are handmade by you, the buyer of the pattern.

•    You make the items in a limited number - up to 30 items per character per year.  Large-scale production is prohibited.  

•    As the maker of these items, you are responsible for marketing a safe toy.  Please comply with the legal requirements of the respective country in which the toy is going to be sold.  

•    Please use only your own photos of your own finished item, not those belonging to me as this can be misleading for your potential customers.

•   I ask that you please always remember to clearly credit me, Alanna O'Dea of Theodore and Rose as the pattern source for your item(s) and give a link to my blog

Can I sell or share your patterns?

No. It is strictly prohibited to sell or share the pattern under copyright law.

Theodore and Rose patterns (or parts of a pattern), step-by-step instructions, charts, photos or excerpts from my pattern or website, may not be reproduced, distributed or resold, translated, published, altered, shared or posted (for self or free) mechanically, electronically, or by any other way, without my explicit permission, no matter it it’s free content, or those which are for sale.

Purchasing a Theodore and Rose pattern does not remove the copyright protection of the pattern, but gives you only the right to make items from it.  Please feel free however to link directly to my patterns.  Thank you for being respectful and for your understanding.


Can I use one of your photos when offering products made using Theodore and Rose patterns?

Thank you for enjoying my designs and wanting to offer those items in your shop, but please do not use any of Theodore and Rose's photos in your shop. You may reference the name of the pattern and a link to the pattern post, but please still do not use any of my stock images as your own.


Can I include your work in my blog or a round up post?

Yes, you are always welcome to link to my blog or share my work in your round-up posts. However, when sharing please only use one (1) image and link back to the original blogpost.  I would love to know about these features, so please let me know if you are doing so.

Can I translate your pattern into my own language and post it on my blog or Facebook page?

No, I do not allow translations of my patterns to appear on other people's blogs or Facebook pages.  

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