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Sewing your amigurumi pieces together can be so daunting, because let's face it, after all your hard work making the amigurumi pieces, this step is the one that will really make or break your project.  It is for this reason that I know a lot of crocheters don't really enjoy this step.  But, it doesn't have to be like that!  Take your time - don't rush it to get to the finish line.  

I have provided a step-by-step tutorial below of how I like to sew my pieces together.  It really can be a relaxing, rewarding part of the amigurumi process...I promise!

Step 1: Pin your piece into position to see how it looks and make adjustments if necessary.

Step 2: Thread your tapestry needle with the yarn tail that you left for sewing the piece on.

Step 3: YarnMake the first stitch, inserting the needle from front to back              

Step 4: Yarn over with your new colour and pull through the remaining two loops.  You are now ready to make your first stitch in the new colour.

Step 5: Instead of a single crochet, make a slip stitch into your first stitch.  Place a stitch marker into this stitch, as this is the first stitch of the new round.

Step 6: Continue following the pattern with the new colour.  With the round complete, you can see that this technique results in a smooth colour transition with no step. 


So there you have it, a very helpful technique when changing colours in amigurumi.

Thank you so much for stopping by and happy crocheting!

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